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Organic farm Nepal is a model organic farms practice sustainable agriculture in Nepal, utilizing the modern techniques of farming in Nepal and produces verity of organic foods. We never use chemical fertilizer and pesticides, birds and animals are feeding grains, grass and grazing on natural pasture.
Nepal is an agriculture biased country main source of food, income and employments for the majority are agriculture about 88% populations live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for livelihood. Natural farm Nepal was established with the objective to protect the production capacity of soil and ecosystem of the planet. Our mission is to minimize the negative impact on environment, economically empowering the society and grows healthy foods through the bio-dynamic philosophy.
Agriculture farm Nepal provides farming internship opportunities with animals, fish, poultry and cash crops farm, if you are interested to know about organic farming training and techniques, get involve in Agriculture volunteer in organic farm Nepal. Sustainable agriculture is the production of food and fiber, it address many environmental, social concerns and animal welfare.

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