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Agricultural research service Nepal
Organic agricultural study and research in Nepal at different organic farms at panorama hill, located eastern part of Nepal. Economy of Nepal biased on agriculture more than 85% of peoples depends on traditional agriculture.Agricultural research service Nepal Main goal of Sustainable agriculture and organic farming research is to minimize the negative impact on environment, improve the production capacity of soil and find out the sustainable solution of global warming. There are some similarity between organic agriculture and traditional farming in Nepal but traditional farming is not an organic farming.
Organic farm provides organic farming agricultural research opportunity for researcher, students and interested individual from around the world. Research topics of Natural farming are free range poultry farming, livestock farming, dairy farming, fruits farming, sustainable farming and vegetable farming. Agricultural topics for research with us that are animal health, Bio energy, climate change, agricultural trade, biodiversity, rural development, crops, livestock and animal resources, rural finance, livelihoods, food safety / security, honey bees, insect sides, nutrition, planting, harvesting, Ecosystems etc.
Agricultural research center Nepal is a cheap and best international agricultural research destination organic farm always welcome to worldwide volunteer researcher to research about organic farming. We welcome all interested researchers to research about organic farming and help and support to reduce rural poverty, increase food security, improve human health and nutrition and ensure more sustainable management of natural resources and make sure food secure for future. Before starting organic agriculture research think about what is agricultural research? And how can we minimize the negative impact on health and environment. Researchers, volunteers, interested individual’s efforts and contributions can create a positive impact on nature and promote environmental conservation, anyone interested from around the world can participate in Sustainable Agricultural research and study project Nepal. If you need more information about farming research in Nepal fell free to contact us.