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Apple farming in Nepal started in kali Gandaki valley before the 1960 but first commercial Apple farming in Nepal started at Marpha, Mustang when Horticultural Farm was established and introduced new varieties of apples and production methods in 1966. Now farmers are being aware and attracted by fruit cultivation and growing Apple all over Nepal where there is suitable climate and possibility of farming. Apple can be used differently like fruit, jam, juice and wine. Apple farm main aim is to produce chemical free fruit in this way we are managing our orchard / apple farm organically implementing new organic techniques to maintain the quality of fruits.
Apple is one of the most widely cultivated fruits there are many health benefits of apples it is useful to get whiter, healthier teeth, neutralize irritable bowel syndrome, avert hemorrhoids, control your weight, detoxify your liver, boost your immune system, avoid Alzheimer’s, Protect against Parkinson’s, Curb all sorts of cancers, Decrease your risk of diabetes, reduce cholesterol, get a healthier heart, Prevent gallstones, Beat diarrhea and constipation, Prevent cataracts in this way an apple a day keeps the doctor away for a variety of problems.
Apple trees in the orchard are not planted from seed, but rather, saplings which have been grafted to proven rootstock. Productive lives of apple tree are 15 to 20 years it requires special knowledge and skills for cultivation. We provide information about all process of Apple farming including plantation, harvesting and marketing at Apple farm, if you interested for training, internship or would like to buy organic Apple fell free to contact us.

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