Bee farm

Beekeeping in Nepal info
Beekeeping has been practiced in Nepal since immemorial times. Commercial beekeeping in Nepal is practiced mainly for the production of honey and pollinating crops. Honey is one of the oldest sweets known to man; Nepali beekeepers keep wild honey from hives on rock wall traditionally. There are lots of health benefits of raw honey and tastier than pasteurized honey. Honey has antibacterial properties, due to its hygroscopic nature, honey can dehydrate the burning skin and kill wound bacteria.
Beekeeping is recognized as a potential sector to increase the income and solve unemployment problem in Nepali communities. Main purpose of bee keeping or apiculture is to produce honey but there are several other reasons. Honey can be used as medical applications such as acupuncture, alternative medicine and homeopathy. Beeswax can be used for making cosmetics, candles and even furniture polish in this way it becomes a popular and profitable activity. Our honey bee farm is established to produce raw and pure organic honey with natural beekeeping.
Organic honey used at home as a healthy supplement, important ingredient in medicines and sold in market. Apiculture is non land based farming system and provides nutritional food and ecological balances. Beekeepers need to take certain safety measures because bees can be dangerous should be properly dressed before working with the bees. Organic farm Nepal offers bee farming training as well as a practical knowledge for all interested farmers. If you would like to join for training, internship, volunteering and farm tours or buy organic and wild honey fell free to contact us.