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Buddha chitta farm Nepal

Buddha chitta is a holy tree according to Buddhism,We recently started commercial buddha chitta farming in Nepal.buddha chitta farming in Nepal and Buddha chitta plants Nepal Bodhi seed beads are grown in our Natural garden and make Buddhist beads bracelet, Buddha Japa Mala or Buddhist beads. Buddha chitta prayer beads originating from Guru Padma Sambava, who introduced Vajrayana Buddhism into Tibet, was in retreat meditation at the cave of Tongsum Kunda in presentation day in Nepal. Jaap mala beads are moved in rhythm with the breath and the mantra according to Buddhism it is the symbol of Avalokiteshvara. Buddhachitta are organic holy beads used to make prayer beads, meditation beads, Buddhist prayer beads, original Bodhi tree only found in Nepal.
Buddhist prayer beads are a customary tool used to count the number of times a mantra (Buddha quotes) is recited whilst meditating and remembering the Life of Buddha. Buddhism the four Noble truths are “Life means suffering”  “The origin of suffering is attachment” “The cessation of suffering is attainable” “The path to the cessation of suffering”. Buddhist beads meaning supreme happiness ‘Bodhi’ means ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Chitta’ means ‘soul’; therefore ‘bodhichitta’ means ‘soul’ of enlightenment’.
Buddhist beads jaap mala is a string of 108 Buddha beads; it is an important Buddhist ritual. It is a holy accessory for meditation, worshiping, praying usually worn by the monks and other daily prayer. Buddhachitta is an important holy tree according to Buddhism. The sacred spiritual tool used to centralize the mind on the meditation practice. if you interested to visit Buddha chitta farm, you are welcome to visit Bodhi tree garden it blooms in April and harvest in August or would like to buy original Buddha chitta retail and wholesale price all grades and size beads, Buddha chitta plant, Seeds, Malas, bracelet etc fell free to contact us.

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