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Organic coffee farming in Nepal is becoming popular among farmers since the last few decades. Organic coffee is an environment friendly high value cash crop help to increase the income of Nepali farmers. In this way coffee farming is going popular day by day in the rural mid-hill region of Nepal. It is not easy to produce organic coffee farm it requires technical knowledge, suitable climate, soil, relative humidity and rainfall etc. Coffee farming Nepal - Organic Coffee farm NepalCoffee is most popular and widely used drink around the globe, our organic coffee farm located at an altitude of 1150 meters above sea level and grows best quality Himalayan Arabica coffee. Organic coffee Plantation, coffee production and Coffee farming in Nepal is not only to upgrade the economic condition of rural people but also to protect the environment for next generations.
Organic farm Nepal produces organic coffee in mountain region of Nepal without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Naturally grown ripe Himalayan Arabica coffee cherry harvested by hand all processing organically. Ecology of the Himalayan foot hills is unique in the world for quality coffee production. Nepali organic coffee is high quality, rich in aroma and flavor. Organic coffee farming is not an easy business; coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities, coffee crops from the same farm can taste significantly different from year to year. Flavor of organic coffee depends on the roasting temperature we roasting varying degrees according to the choice of buyer’s, international specialty markets and export organic coffee all over the world.
Organic coffee users and its popularity increasing globally, to fulfill the demand of organic beverage we start organic coffee farm in Nepal. Coffee farm Nepal not only produces organic coffee but also offers organic farm volunteering, agriculture internship, farm tours and coffee farming training on seed selection, nursery preparation, plantation, caring, disease control, weeding, harvesting, picking, grading, pulping, wet and dry processing, drying, roasting, packing, marketing and advice for farmers about all stages of production. If you interested for training, internship, volunteering, and farm tours or interested to buy organic Himalayan Arabica coffee fell free to contact us.