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International cultural exchange program Nepal

The cultural exchange programs Nepal is design to exchange the international cultural, educational and sports exchanges programs with the local people of Nepal and around the world. International Cultural exchange programs NepalInternational friendship or culture exchange program provide a venue to study cultural traditions, language, etiquette, history and festivals celebration opportunity in organic farmer’s houses in Nepal.
Nepal Culture exchange programs are designed to improve awareness and understanding of different cultures languages and break tee communication gap between Nepali and international students. Cultural exchange program is different than the volunteer program because it covers more excursions and exchange activities. During culture exchange periods students gain greater understanding about Nepal. Here are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal each year, Dashain is the main festival celebrated between mid September to mid October it is the best time to culture exchange programs in Nepal to interact with locals and their culture, tradition and lifestyle.
Main purpose of international cultural exchange program is for school, college, university students and non-students to share with and learn from others. Cultural exchanges from different cultural, linguistic or religious, socio-economic, geographic backgrounds. Culture exchange opportunities are for students to develop the greater understanding of Nepal. If you interested for cultural exchange projects in rural villages Nepal fell free to contact us.