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Organic dairy farm Nepal practice the sustainable dairy farming in Nepal to empower the community economically and eco friendly farming to protect environment. Organic dairy produces grass feed dairy products like butter, milk, cheese, ice cream etc, hygienic dairy products are better for health. We are census about the animal’s rights and maintained dairy farms according to it.
Our organic dairy farms provide the information about organic dairy farming in Nepal between villagers and interested. Cows and buffalo of farm eat organically grown feed and are not treated with hormones or antibiotics. Organic dairy provides economic sustainability and generates more jobs in rural communities of Nepal.
We grow green grass and feed them year round; never used dry grass, hay for dairy cows and buffalo. Natural dairy farm produces grass feed dairy products like organic milk, cheese, butter and ice cream in mountain regions of Nepal. If you interested to gain the knowledge about organic dairy farming, benefits of dairy farms and techniques to produce organic dairy as well as to buy dairy products contact us.

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