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Get involvedĀ  in sustainable farming and Agriculture

Organic farm Nepal is a model sustainable agricultural farm there are lots of ways to get involved on organic farming. Some roles to participate with are given below.
1, Volunteer on organic farm
Minimize the negative impact on environment and preserve production capacity of soil is the main concern of organic farming to save our health and save something for next generation. In this way organic farm Nepal started to share the knowledge about organic farming between national and international farmers and interested individuals. Let’s get involve in organic farm volunteer work opportunity in Nepal to learn something from farmers and contribute your knowledge between farmers.
2, Agriculture internship
We offer Agriculture internship in Nepal it is better to know all phase of farming and its difference between traditional, modern and organic farming beside that learn every aspect of farming, herd management, health, nutrition, safety, harvesting, processing, marketing, farm management, equipment maintenance, birds, animals care and pasturing.
3, Nepali cooking course
Organic farm Nepal offers Nepali cooking course the best option for learning verity of flavorful Nepali cuisines. When you attend the day cooking course you will get knowledge about specific Nepali dish but long term cooking class provides knowledge to cook verity of Nepali meals. There are verities of Dish based on ethnicity and locality, Nepali Dal, Bhat, Tarkari is most popular meal of Nepal and cooked almost Nepali family kitchen every day.
4, Farming training
Each month organic farm organize regular farming training for interested about organic farming beside that we organize special training in different subject related with sustainable agricultural on request anyone interested get involve in agriculture training with us.
5, Cultural exchange
Culture exchange abroad is another way to get involve with us that provide an opportunity to familiar with culture, tradition, lifestyle of farmers and local ethnic groups.
6, Teaching volunteer
Volunteer can work with us as teaching English to the children’s of local organic farmers in community school and contribute your effort to make efficient rural community.
7, Agricultural tours
Farm tours is a interesting way to get involve with us, during agriculture tours on farm we provide an opportunity to pick a fruit, vegetables by your own hand, beside that you get involve in seasonal works like planting, caring, irrigation, harvesting etc if you interested.
We provide worldwide opportunity on organic farm for all interested individuals.
9, Construction works
There are many community building project running in the rural village like public, school, library, toilet building project year round interested can participate on construction works.
10, Support a community child
On the contest of Nepal economic condition of all farmers is not good in this way farmer of rural areas seeking your support to teach their children’s, we are not asking you here for donation and support but request you to visit the rural village, observe the condition of farmers then decide yourself.
11, Donate
There are some community building and farmer training programs running regularly if you interested to contribute charity on agricultural activities to help rural and back warded farmers in Nepal then you are write lace. Your contribution always appreciated that can make difference in rural society.
These are the ways to get involve with us if you interested for any one let us to know we are seeking your contribution in rural society.
Thank you for your generosity!