Goose farm

Goose farm in Nepal

Goose farming in Nepal is an economically important to generating income in rural areas of Nepal. Commercial goose farming in Nepal is going popular between farmers because Geese are fastest-growing avian species commonly raised for meat. Goose farming is a best source to improving the economic and nutritional status of rural areas of Nepal with little investment for housing, equipment and management.  Geese are strong then chicken and lest chance to surfing from daisies and not very difficult to feed and grow.
Organic farm Nepal started commercial Goose farming using the modern technology and raise free range Goose for meat, eggs and down feathers. Goose meat is fatter than other poultry meats, mature geese are larger than other poultry birds it requires water resources and pasture to grow well. We control all aspects of nutrition, breeding, selection, incubation, hatching and growing in Natural environment to produce high quality meat, eggs and feathers.
Free range geese are specially selected slow growing breeds which we allow to grow to full maturity, all of which contributes to their very special flavor and texture. Before start goose farming it is necessary to know about goose food, care, diseases, pool, breeds and farm management etc. Organic farm Nepal offers goose farming training as well as a practical knowledge for all interested farmers at goose farm. If you interested for training, internship and farm tours or would like to buy free raised goose, meat, eggs fell free to contact us.