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Green grass farming in Nepal is a new concept because now a days it is not allowed to collect the grass from jungle or it is not enough for commercial farming, since animals are domesticated people used to feed grass for those animals collecting from the Jungle. Organic farm Nepal recently started commercial grass farm in Nepal for their own goat, sheep and cow farming. There are verities of grass, tree grass and broom grass planted in farm to produce the organic grass fed meats, grass fed dairy products etc.
There are more than 4000 trees of grass in our farm we never fed dry grass, hay for animals. Grass farm minimized the negative impact of modern farming on environment, our sustainable agriculture practice in mountain region grow organic food and raise the economic status of local people. Our aim is to produce food organically in this way always take care natural gifts like soil, air and water, farming in a way that sustains these natural resources.
Grass farm fertility is founded on creating plant, animal and microbial diversity. Farm produce and sell pasture and forest raised pork, pastured chicken, turkey, goat, sheep, duck, rabbit, emu, ostrich, cows, buffalo, guinea fowl in Nepal. if you interested to buy grass feed 100% organic dairy products and organic meats fell free to contact us.

Tiger grass

Tiger grass, broom grass or Amliso Tiger grass or Amliso is a broom grass that found in hilly regions of Nepal Binomial name of this plats is Thysanolaena maxima. Amliso ...