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Green Tea Health Benefits

Tea is always considered as a slow poison, but contrary to that Green Tea is consider has most nutritious and healthiest liquid intake for our everyday life. Every day intake of Green Tea improves the flow of blood, reduces cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, heart – failure and other heart related diseases too. Tea consists of antioxidants and nutrients which boost our body, improves functioning of brain, fat loss, reduces the risk of cancer and much more.
Healthy Benefits of in taking this tea regularly are
Bio-active component and polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins in green tea improves our overall health functioning system. This protects our cells, reduces the formation of free radicals in the body and prevents molecule damage.
It contains an active ingredient named caffeine, which acts as a stimulant and improves the brain functioning along with improved mood, reaction time and strengthens memory.
The next component Amino Acid L-theanine reduces the possibility of blood- brain barrier and produces alpha waves in the brain.
It also affects the physical performance of our body. It reduces fats by 17% and boosts the metabolic rate constantly. It is also indicated that it boost the energy level in every men by 4%.
It performs a good activity by killing bacteria which decreases the possibility of catching infections. It also improves dental health and lowers the risk of type II diabetes.
Green tea lowers the risk of dying by 23% in women and by 12% in men, it also reduces the stroke death by 42% in women and 35% in men.
Cancer risk can be minimized with control in oxidative damage and the antioxidant in the Green Tea acts as a protective shell for human body. Hence, continuous intake of Green tea will reduce the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, Prostate cancer etc.
Consuming Green herbal tea is much better than strokes and diseases hence change your habit a little from Tea to Green Tea and make differences to your life. Organic farm Nepal grow organic Green tea, available on tea bags and custom packaging as per your requirements, if you interested to buy fell free to contact us.