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Guinea fowl meat recipes, nutrition facts and health benefits

The Guinea fowl are domesticated birds that are raised in farms and that are inhabitants of Africa. These birds are known to have their own peculiarities and differ from chickens. The meat of guinea fowl is known to be rich in fatty acids and is low in its calories. The meat of guinea fowl is appetizing and full of flavor, and the tender meat can be prepared easily in different ways. It can be grilled, roasted or even pan fried.
Nutritional Facts of Guinea Fowl Meat
It is also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium and iron. It is an exotic meat that resembles in taste with the chicken meat, and its flavor is very pleasing. The meat can be cooked along with shallots, mushrooms, chestnut, spinach and peas in the preparation of guinea fowl pudding which is very tasty.
How to Prepare Guinea Fowl Meat at Home?
A simple recipe that can be used to prepare roast guinea fowl with grapes includes the use of ingredients like black grapes, grape juice, white wine, shallots and chopped tarragon. The roasted guinea fowl is prepared by use of a casserole dish that is flameproof and to which butter and oil are added at first, and the guinea fowl is fried in it until it turns brown. To the roasted guinea fowl is then added all the other ingredients including salt and pepper. It is then transferred to the oven which is preheated to about 160-degree centigrade and then roasted for nearly 20 minutes. Rice is then added to the roasted guinea fowl and cooked again for 40 minutes till the rice and guinea pig is cooked thoroughly.
Health Benefits
Guinea fowl are rich sources of protein and including it in the diet is helpful in maintaining the muscles as well as strengthening the lean muscles.
Eating guinea fowl meat is a healthier choice as it has low cholesterol as well as low-fat content, and the fat content present in it is three times less than that present in beef.
Even the eggs of guinea fowl are very tasty and consist of vitamins A, E, and D3 that are essential for good health. Organic farm Nepal raises Guinea fowl free range basic and distributes its meat as per the demand. If you need fresh, free raised Guinea fowl meat write us.