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Lemongrass oil uses and health Benefits

Lemongrass essential oil is considered as that blessed essential oil which gets extracted by the steam distillation of the dried leaves of the lemongrass herbs. This oil has been successfully made its own distinct position in the large list of the herbal oils, that own the utmost capacity to heal up different sorts of diseases naturally. The key constituents of this essential oil include limonene, neural, citral, citronellal etc. Lemongrass oil uses as the essential aromatic oil is profoundly used in aromatherapy, cleaning, supporting the joint, immune and muscle system.
There are many Health benefits of this oil like; Antidepressant- lemongrass oil possesses a very beautiful and refreshing aroma. Its heavenly blissful aroma rejuvenates the low state of mind. This oil, by boosting up the mental strength and removing stress help you to fight depression. Beside the essential oil help people to get rid of anxiety attack and get your soul back to calming state of mind. Antiseptic- the antiseptic elements of lemon grass oil can cure the external body wounds or cuts and prevent them to become septic. Astringent- it’s one of the best natural astringent which immediately stop the profuse flow of blood.
Anti pyretic- anti pyretic is that agent which brings down the excess body temperature and thus helps to cure high fever. Deodorant- lemongrass oil is a wonderful herbal resource of all the herbal colons and perfumes that is far better than any other synthetic perfumes. Apart from the followings, this blessed oil works wonder in healing nervous disorders, insomnia, reduces skin irritation etc. Organic farm Nepal produce natural health supplement lemongrass oil it is used as an essential oils also, basically to massage the body or aroma therapy, make perfume etc if you interested to buy organic lemongrass oil fell free to contact us.