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Organic agriculture is natural production methods of agriculture use the techniques like crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological insect control. Organic farm follow Eco friendly agriculture for sustainable living in Nepal. Organic agriculture combines tradition, science and modern technology on farming practices biased on natural processes. Various benefits of organic farming on the environment, farmers, human health, society and soil.
Organic farming is far more beneficial and less impaction on the environment; benefits of organic agriculture are promotion of biodiversity and improve ecosystems, reduction the farming pollution due to chemical fertilizer, including toxic substances in the environment, grow tasty and healthy food, increase the health of topsoil, create a job in community, minimize the impact of global warming, save water resource, stop the risk of groundwater pollution and preserve the natural culture of Agriculture.
Organic farming advantages are using sustainable methods such as rotating crops to build soil fertility naturally raise animals and birds helps to promote biodiversity that returns health to all species. We start verity of organic farms first time in Nepal, contact us to learn about what is organic farming, benefits of organic farming and techniques to produce organic foods.

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