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Organic chicken – Pastured chicken free range

If you have ever visited inside a mass production chicken firm, then you must have switched to a vegetarian diet. It is not only unhygienic but also, the chickens are grown in a truly brutal environment. Use of antibiotics and feeds made from other animal parts, make it grow very fast. But it leads to a number of diseases and poor tastes of chickens.
On the other hand, organic chickens are grown in a healthy environment. The chickens have access to outdoor, water and sunlight. They grow according to the normal growth cycle. No external stimulant is used to stimulate the growth. Purely organic feeds are used to feed the chicken. No animal parts are used to make the feeds. A balanced diet, clean housing has great benefits on chicken.
What are the benefits of having organic chicken?
The organic level can increase your grocery bill, but it has huge benefits.
Fewer toxins: conventional firms use hormones, pesticides, antibiotics to raise the chicken. All these toxins are stored in their flesh, and it is passed on to you. There are many health hazards related to this. Some of them include early onset of puberty and risk of cancer. Even traces of heavy metals are also found in commercially raised chicken. Organic chicken are free from all these.
Less fat: commercially raised chicken have more fat than the organic one. So, if you are on a diet, then it’s high time for you to switch from commercial to organic products.
Better taste: many chicken lovers have reviewed that, organic chicken seemed tastier than the commercially raised one. After cooking the chicken remains tender and provides better flavor.
Preservatives: commercially raised chicken used many preservatives during the packaging. Those preservatives also have many harmful effects, while the commercially raised chicken does not. If you have chicken on a regular basis, then you must switch to the organic ones. Many diseases are coming up these days due to the use of chemicals food items.
Organic products may cost you higher, but the food is worth of the money. Organic farm Nepal practice pasture chicken farming and raised chicken in natural environment. If you like the great taste of pasture organic chicken and interested to buy let us to know, we are happy to provide you the taste of local chicken.