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Ostrich farming in Nepal is not very popular only one commercial ostrich farm established in Nepal. We are going to start commercial ostrich farming in Nepal using the modern technology to produce the meat, eggs, leather and feather etc. Ostriches are large flightless birds can run at a speed over 43 miles per hours it is the second fastest animal in the world. Red meat of ostrich is very popular because it is low in cholesterol, calories and almost fat free.
Demand of ostrich meat is increasing rapidly and gaining popularity globally among the health conscious red meat lovers. Ostrich is a native bird of Africa and now farmed in many countries in the world for their meat, eggs, skin and feathers. Adult males stand 2.4 m tall, common weighs about 100 kg; the hen is slightly smaller. Ostrich mating seasons is begin in March and ends in August it becomes sexually mature when they are 2.5 years old; females mature about six months earlier than males.
Ostrich is not only the largest bird of the world but also only environment friendly animals of the planet it cannot fly. Before start an ostrich farming it is necessary to know ostrich farming facts like food, care, diseases, breeds and farm management. Organic farm Nepal offers ostrich farming training on these topics as well as a practical knowledge for all interested farmers at ostrich farm. If you interested for training, internship, volunteer and farm tours or would like to buy free raised ostrich, meat, eggs, feather and leather fell free to contact us.