Pig farm

Pig farm Nepal

Pig farming in Nepal is not new in Nepal it has been accepted socially and culturally by certain ethnic groups. pig farming trend is changing gradually due to urbanization some commercial and modern pig farming practice recently started in Nepal. Pigs on the farm are raise in clean, healthy, natural environment with plenty of moving vegetable fields and sustainable pasture. Pork has a distinctive flavor good for nature, good for animal welfare, good for the economy and ultimately safer for your family to eat. The native pig breeds of Nepal are Chwanche, Hurrah, Bampudke, Pakhribas black and Dharane kalo banggur etc. Exotic breeds of pigs are imported in Nepal since 1957 A.D like Landrace, Hampshire, Duroc and Yorkshire etc.
Pig farm Nepal always use wild grains and local grains and produce free raised quality and healthy pork. We have different verity of pigs in farm but we focused to raise local black pig and some hybrid pigs on farm. Pig rising is still in the developing stage in Nepal, it is based on agricultural products and kitchen wastes not in balanced foods. We started commercial pork production in Nepal, all pigs are free range, healthy and well cared live outdoors there is some warm bedding area; huts provide shade to keeps the pigs cool in summer. Increasing demand of genuine free range pork farm is difficult to be filled by the relatively small number of producers those are farming free range pigs.
Growing market of free raised pork attracts many farmers but it is not easy free range farming, it requires some knowledge about the industry and the requirements. Organic farm Nepal offer pig farming training at pig farm in low cost production technology, modern husbandry, food, disease control as well as a practical knowledge for all interested farmers. Where farmers are learn how to start pig farming in Nepal; Commercial pork production on sustainable way at pig farm. There are pigs for sale on the special occasion and festivals, sell special cut of organic pork, live pig and baby pigs etc do not hesitate to contact us.