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Nepal Rudraksha farm – Rudraksha tree benefits

Rudraksha farming in Nepal is to grow the Natural Rudraksha holy beads, Rudraksha is a holy tree and favorite tree of Lord Shiva according to Hinduism Nepal Rudraksha used as medication and symbol of natural powers of lord Shiva.Rudraksha tree at Rudraksha farm Nepal Rudraksha beads are a great energy one should wear to get fame, name, good fortune, never-ending wealth, property and respect in the society. Organic farm Nepal grows different faces “Mukhi” Nepal Rudraksha in our own farm. Rudraksha is used to make rudraksha mala, rudraksha beads, rudraksha ratna etc.
Original Nepali Rudraksha are the more powerful than others there are one mukhi to 38 mukhis or faces Rudrakshas found but 1 to 14 faces or mukhis are common. One face Rudraksha has unique properties and provides various scientific, medical and spiritual benefits. If you interested to buy Rudraksha seed, Rudraksha tree plants, Rudraksha beads then visit our Natural Rudraksha farm Nepal once. Nepal Rudraksha farming is a difficult process due to the slow sprouting from the beads.
A single Rudraksha tree bears beads in all different faces or mukhis at the same time. Rudraksha fruits appear in June and ripen by August-October but it occurs only when the tree is seven years old. Rudraksha worshiped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical values, success, financial gains and for eradicate of evil forces.  Nepal Rudraksha meaning is Rudra means “Shiva” and Aksha means “eyes” before wearing always pray rudraksha mantra to get the power and benefits of Rudraksha. if you interested to explore Rudraksha farm Nepal, interested to know how to grow rudraksha tree or would like to buy original Rudraksha mala,   ek mukhi Rudraksha beads in garden fell free contact us.

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