Sheep farm

Sheep farm Nepal

Sheep farming in Nepal has been practiced since the beginning of agriculture itself, especially in mountain region. Recently we started commercial sheep farming in Nepal to produce the meat and wool. There are some sheep farm in plain region of Nepal too sheep is an alternative of goat but not very popular like goat. Sheep are full grown at two years common weigh is about  40 and 75 Kg it can live till eleven or twelve years.
Sheep are gregarious animals; they like to flock in a common group, Sheep not only most productive livestock but also sheep growing for their meat, milk, wool, manure, skins and transport. Sheep is one of the oldest domesticated species of multi-purpose animals. Lamb is a popular red meat with remarkable health benefits a good source of high quality protein. The sheep are never given antibiotics, growth stimulants, steroids, or any other chemical additives.
Our sheep farm established utilizing the modern technology and raise grass feed sheep for meat and wool. There are lots of similarities between goat and sheep farming it is better to generate income, employment and uplift the economic condition of Nepali peoples. Before starting sheep farm it requires to know about sheep food, care, health, husbandry, pasture, breeds and farm management etc. If you interested for sheep farming training, internship and volunteer tours or would like to buy grass feed sheep meat, wool, sheep’s fell free to contact us.