Soap nuts

Organic Soap nuts to make organic laundry detergent powder

Soap nuts ‘Sapindus’ are use to make natural laundry soap and organic laundry detergent. Organic homemade laundry detergent soap nut powder used to clean the almost everything like washing clothes, cleaning and shining ornaments, household etc. Soapnuts has been shown that they are less irritating than chemical alternatives; washing products are natural, eco friendly and bio degradable 100 % organic. Chemical free products of soap-nuts are excellent to wash everything including baby clothes.
Recent years soap nut natural shampoo and organic laundry detergent users increasing day by day due to the disadvantage of chemical detergent and soaps. Soap berries are best to make the natural laundry soap, Shampoo and detergent. Soap berry are the natural surfactant used for washing, commercial use in cosmetics and detergents as well as many other products. Modern medical research has investigated the use of soap nuts in treating migraines.
Soap nut powder can be used to wash all fabrics and all temperatures. Soap berry products are side effect free especially best for babies, eczema and sensitive skin. We collect soap nuts not only from our soap nut farm we help to collect and sell the sop nuts of local farmers. Visit our organic farm Nepal to know the soap nut farming techniques. If you interested to buy soap nuts, soap nuts plants, natural laundry soap, organic laundry detergent and organic soap nut fell free to contact us.