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Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea

Tulsi or Holy Basil is worshiped in Hindu religion every morning and evening as sacred. It is one of the most powerful herbs which act as a remedy to several common ailments. This Tulsi plant is very well known as a medical plant also.
Healthy benefits of in taking Tulsi tea are
The Tulsi leaves acts as a nerve stimulant, strengthens stomach and sharpen memory.
These leaves also act as a preventive measure against diseases like malaria and dengue fever. During high fever, the intake of boiled leaves, powered cardamom in half liter water with milk and sugar can reduce the temperature instantly.
Tulsi also boosts the immune system and stamina, hence all common diseases like dizziness, cold and cough stays away.
It also works instantly on sore throat and also avoids bad breath and gum diseases
It is abundant in magnesium which acts as a vital nutrient to avoid heart related diseases
This Tulsi leaves have anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties; hence they can easily fight back all types of infections and allergy.
Tulsi also helps in maintaining the hormone level in the body prevents cholesterol and boosts the flow of blood throughout the body.
The Anti microbial property of Tulsi helps to fight germs and bacteria in the oral cavity, hence it also helps to maintain a healthy dental health.
It reduces stress and helps to quit smoking.
Other various benefits are weight lose, improved digestive system, liquefy kidney stones, strengthens nervous system and avoids cancer and Diabetes.
Tulsi tea is very nutritious and helps to avoid and overcome various diseases in everyday life. Daily consumption of Tulsi tea can give a healthy and fit life to people and is completely free from caffeine. So, blend your tea with herbal Tulsi leave to gain a healthy life. Then why not to start drink herbal tea, tulasi tea or basil tea is a tonic, organic farm Nepal grows high quality tulasi tea. We have tea bags as well as a open packaging tulsi tea supply as per your requirement, If you interested for herbal tea or would like to buy organic basil, Tulsi tea fell free to contact us.