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Vegetable farm Nepal offers vegetable planting guide organic farming training to raise the economic conditions of communities. Raising demands of green vegetables create many possibilities in organic vegetable farming Nepal. We never use pesticides and chemical fertilizers always follow the sustainable farming method to grow organic vegetablesorganic vegetable farm Nepal - commercial off season vegetable production in Nepal Organic vegetable farm growing organic vegetables that are cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, sweet potatoes, capsicum, pumpkin, tomato, potato, radish, carrot, asparagus, bitter gourd, and chayote simply and sustainably.
Natural vegetables reduces health risks, respect water sources, soil, reduce the impact on environment etc. Most of the farmers are limited to grow seasonal vegetables on natural environment. There are many possibilities to grow organic vegetables under tunnel farming for off-season also. Vegetable cultivation in Nepal, its popularity and demand are increasing day by day in Nepalese market. It is an opportunities for Nepalese organic farmers to increase their economic condition.
Organic ways to grow vegetables and protect natural Eco-system of garden is avoiding unnecessary chemicals and pesticides.  We grow safe, nutritious vegetables naturally; and teach the community how to grow vegetables organically including organic vegetable gardening, tips and trek. Contact us to know about the benefits of organic vegetables, to buy organic vegetable seeds and organic vegetables online.

Organic vegetables

Organic vegetables Organic vegetables growing local farmers for long time but they still have no idea about the health benefit of organic vegetable farming in Nepal. Villagers growing organic vegetable ...


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