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Volunteer in coffee farm Nepal

Volunteer in organic coffee farm Nepal with us, coffee work internship abroad program provides an opportunity to study, research and learn about how to grow organic coffee, sustainable agriculture practice and organic coffee farming in Nepal. Organic farm located in panorama hill offers spectacular views of Himalayas as well as the plainVolunteer in organic coffee farm Nepal and looking for volunteers. As worldwide organic workers exchange and contribute your own ideas to make agricultural processes more sustainable and organic in remote mountain community of Nepal. Organic coffee is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers 100% environment friendly production process on healthy soil, recycling and composting. Volunteer in coffee farm is an opportunity where you volunteers stay at villages with local farmers or host family house and work with organic coffee growing community Nepal.
Coffee is an important cash crops and a most popular beverage in the world. Coffee work during May to August is the best time to learn every step of the coffee process including picking or harvesting, pulping, fermenting, washing, drying, sorting, toasting, grinding, packaging and marketing. Beside that we offer coffee plantation and other coffee-related tasks like selecting coffee seeds, pruning, clearing land, weeding, creating organic pesticides etc. There is plenty of farm works we will definitely keep workers busy, during volunteer in coffee farm period we provide lodging and food BLD (local food three times a day) facility but you have to pay minimum charge for daily food, we accept volunteer year round.
International coffee volunteers work in the coffee farm differently with the coffee plants, growing Himalayan Arabica coffee beans great in flavor, taste and contain more Nutritional value. Volunteering on a coffee farm is an exciting opportunity to gain educational, culture exchange and working experience with local farmers and decrease the use of harmful chemicals. Coffee farm volunteering opportunity provides an experience about all aspects of coffee farming from plantation to cup. If you interested to volunteer in coffee farm as a coffee works volunteer or you have interest in specific area or would like to learn a particular skill fell free to contact us.