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Why organic?
Why organic popularity increasing rapidly? It is because there are lot of benefit of organic food and farming in environment, health, water conservation, to protect the production capacity of soil etc.
Main reasons to use organic farming given below.
Protect future generations
Organic food is boon to protect the future generations because when everything was grown organically everybody used to eat organic food peoples live longer there are not any fear of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. Modern farming, lifestyle and use of chemical fertilizer is a main cause of the problems. It is better to use organic to protect the future generations.
Reduce consumption of fossil fuel
Organic method farming is great way to minimize the consumption of fossil fuel people works by hand, using green manures and reduces the use of petroleum.
Build production capacity of Soil
Soil is the main base of farming to grow the organic food, organic method plays the important role to build and protect the production capacity of soil forever.
Protect water quality
Industrial farming and the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers is a serious problem for all living things as well as an environment. Synthetic fertilizer and pesticide harm the water throw the top soil and into the ground water. It is necessary to practice organic to protect the quality of water. Save the drinking water to protect the ecosystem.
Reduce health risk
Chemical pesticides are poisons designed to kill living organisms and can also be harmful to humans. Due to the industrialize farming there are lot of health and diseases increasing rapidly and people lose their life with getting medicine and cure. Research shows that the main cause of cancer is the synthetic pesticides.
Create jobs and support the true economy
Organic farming is manual works by hand of men that create jobs on farm and improve the economic, health and life standard of all related. Organic are triple valuable than conventional product in this way it is very important to improve the economic condition of small scale organic growers and pay tax more.
Help family farms
Almost of organic farm are small scale and family owned on the contest of Nepal each family have their own farm land and produce organically themselves for their home use only. When we are promote the economic importance of organic foods, now organic farming popularity increasing rapidly between Nepali farmers started to grow the organic foods for commercial purpose. Buy organic foods with local farmers and help the rural families.
Taste better and truer flavor
Taste of organic food is better than conventional because organic is not coated with chemical residues from pesticides and fertilizers; it is often lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants.
The promotion of biodiversity
Sustainable farming follow the biological techniques like crop rotation, green fertilizers, compost, plant-based pesticides, raising animals, birds naturally and herbicides to protect the Soil and environment. It is importance to reduce the toxic substances in the Environment and farm pollution to support the biodiversity.
Assisting the fight against global warming
Industrialization is the main cause of climate change; it is a serious problem for us. There are many causes of global warming one of the major causes is the modern developments on each subject. Industrial farming use nonrenewable energy, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and greenhouse effect play the role to change the climate. Organic farming decreases the amount of carbon, stabilize the soil, minimize the greenhouse effect and negative impact in environment, and make healthier all living things in this way organic farming against the climate changes.
Preserve the Culture of Agriculture
Organic is a beneficial practice to protect and maintain the soil, water, plants, birds and animals. Everything has their one history and culture since the beginning of farming people used to practice organic agriculture but they don’t know its importance at that time. When we know the negative impact of modern farming, we are return back to follow the traditional methodology on farming. Human being is the main part of ecosystem our main aim is to established good relationship between all living things forever to protect the natural culture of Agriculture.
Given reason it is necessary to use the organic products to protect the ecosystem of the planet which growing to the harmony with nature, if you would like to discuss why organic write us.