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Nepali cooking course – Nepali cooking class at organic farm

Organic farm Nepal offers Nepali cooking course the best option for learning verity of flavorful Nepali cuisines. When you attend the day cooking course you will get knowledge about specific Nepali dish. long term cooking class provides knowledge to cook verity of Nepali meals. There are verities of Dish based on ethnicity and locality, Nepali Dal, Bhat, Tarkari is most popular meal of Nepal. Dal bhat cooked almost Nepali family kitchen every day. Nepal is a beautiful place where many travelers love to visit to see the Mount Everest. Nepal is known all over the world for its hospitality and culture. Learn the Art of Baking and Cooking Different Cuisines in Nepal. The cooking classes conducted in Nepal are great fun you can learn variety of Nepali cuisines can be learn during the course including Dal Bhat, Masala tea and momo. Learning the art of baking sell roti (Nepali donut) is great fun as you can learn to prepare yummy and tasty cakes of your choice.
Price for Nepali cooking course
1. Day cooking course- $25 per person
2. 1 night stay cooking course- $35 per person
3. 1 night stay cooking course with Kathmandu city tour program $ 80 per person
Given program cost includes transport, ingredients, spices, lunch or dinner, night stay in a standard room, breakfast etc. The flavors of Nepali meals is very rich in taste and taking up the Nepali cooking and baking course is very interesting and provides a lifetime experience. You can get free pick up from the place of your stay on joining the cooking course and the courses are provided two times a day. The cost of the course includes foods, transportation, and class. Long term Nepali cooking courses a week to 1 month also available with us including lodge and food facility.
Sample of Menu for Nepali cooking class

Bhat (Cooked white rice)
Daal (Lentil soup)
Tarkari (Spiced vegetables)
Pickle (Achar)
Saag (Green leafs)
Chicken or mutton curry
Mansala tea
Mo Mo making (Optional)
Paratha bread making (Optional)
Chapati bread making (Optional)
Rice pudding (Optional)
Sel Roti (Special Nepali Doughnut optional)
Morning cooking class start from: 8:30 to 11:30 AM
Evening cooking class start from: 4:30 to 7:30 PM
Nepali cooking course center situated in a 2 km away from city center and provides Nepali cookery training learning by doing methodology in family environment. By joining the cooking courses conducted in Nepal, you can learn to make a variety of Nepali meals and snacks. If you interested to learn Nepali cuisines contact us.