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Farmer training course Nepal

Organic farm Nepal organize farmer training programs to teach organic farming techniques on different topics according to the subject of interest. There are 1 weeks to 1 years farmer training programs available with us and provide day to day practical knowledge about different topics of farming like goat, poultry, fishery, nursery, coffee. Farmer training programs are designed to provide the knowledge of farms management, organic production, focusing on diversified production of crops, vegetables, livestock, flowers, fruits and herbs for local markets and international market get involve in organic farming training programs.
Farmer training are available on given different subjects.

  1. Organic agriculture (introductory class)
  2. Farm business planning course
  3. Seed selection course
  4. Organically soil treatment course
  5. Nursery making course
  6. Insect management course
  7. Compost making course
  8. Natural pesticides making course
  9. Fruit trees planting, pruning, cutting and grafting course
  10. Animals and poultry care, daises, control course
  11. Gardening course
  12. Landscaping course
  13. Methods of plantation course
  14. Methods of caring course
  15. Harvesting course
  16. Marketing course

Beside that we provide special training with practical at farms like coffee, crops, animals like cow, goat, fish and poultry according to your subject of interest. There is a day workshop as well as long term farmer training available with us. National and international citizen can participate on it after complete the course farmers will get sustainable farming certificate too. Organic farm Nepal offers regular training programs year round, interested can participate on organic agriculture training course with us, to know the exact training starting date or the fees do not hesitate to email us.