Fish farm

Types & scope of fish farm in Nepal

Fish farming in Nepal is considered as one of the ancient farming system, there are lots of small scale fish farm in different villages in plain region started years ago. Commercial fish farming in Nepal provides many profitable opportunities; farmers are raising and selling the fish on commercial basis. There are more than 6000 rivers, fresh water resources suitable for fish farming in Nepal. Trout Fresh water fish farming is not expensive to produce and easy to sell in high price. Commercial fish farming at fresh water, natural lakes is a very emerging issue but it requires technical knowledge about aquaculture Nepal.
Our fish farms are sustainable and environment friendly fishes are raised naturally and guaranteed free of diseases, pesticides and other harmful toxicants. Fish are an important source of food for people around the world, either caught wild or farmed. Consumption of fish products in Nepal is increasing dramatically because Fish is a healthy food, low in calories and cholesterol levels, but rich in protein. Organic farm Nepal started fish farm using the modern technology and raise fish on fresh water and pounds. We have different verities of fish on farm warm water species common crap, grass carp, big head carp and fresh water species trout etc.
Catching fish from natural water resources started for tens of thousands of years, since the age of hunting. On the contest of Nepal there are some ethnic groups caught the fish as a profession from natural water resources and sell in market to generate the income to survive. Climate and nature of the soil is suitable to construct the fish ponds in different parts of Nepal. Before starting fish farming firstly to fix a location, choose proper verities of fish according to the climate, temperature and type of available water resources food and diseases control. Organic farm offers either fresh water or warm water fish farming training on these topics including practical knowledge for all interested farmers. If you interested for training, internship, volunteering and fish farm tours or would like to buy fresh water or warm water species of fish fell free to contact us.