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Traditional farming Methods information

Traditional farming is the ancient food production system and the original type of agriculture it is has been practiced for thousands of years. Traditional farming is not only the world’s oldest farming method but also the main source ofTraditional farming Nepal Methods information improving phase of farming technology like conventional, modern and organic farming it promote genetic diversity too. Increasing environmental awareness farmers following modern and scientific understanding of ecology, soil science, irrigation, using traditional method like crop rotations, compost / dung fertilizer, natural weed, biological pest control to protect the ecosystem.
Traditional farming is very similar to organic farming where farmer has a mixed farm of livestock, fruit and crops. Now days only few farmers get involve in traditional farming on least developed and developing countries, beside that most of the countries use modern technology, chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Due to the modern farming make lots of damage on environment and human health. Efficient traditional farming system still very important there are some small scales farms practice in mountain region Nepal. To minimized the health and environmental risk, farmers wearing and going to start organic farming and growing food without any harm on environment.
Organic farm Nepal also going to promote organic farming and its importance in remote villages of Nepal. Farmers in the developing world have converted to modern organic methods for economic reasons. We are inspiring local farmers to grow grain traditionally and organically. Organic food user are increasing rapidly in the world in this way it s better option to improve the economic condition of locals. Traditional agricultural practices should be understood and conserved before they are lost with the rapid advance of modern agriculture in developing countries. If you need more information about traditional farming or interested to internship in organic farm Nepal fell free to contact us.