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Volunteer in dairy farm Nepal

Volunteer at cow farm in Nepal is a unique farming volunteer opportunity that gives the different volunteer experience with animals. Cow farming is old and popular farming practice in Nepal but still there are only Volunteer in dairy farm Nepalfew modern cow farms started for business purpose. Must of Nepali people are Hindu, according to Hinduism cow is a symbol of wealth and local peoples pray the cow as a goddess of wealth, in this way each Hindu family have to have at least one cow. On the contest of Nepal especially in villages each family have a cow traditional cow farming in hut. Recently we started professional cow farming to produce the organic dairy products in Nepal where you can work as a Volunteer in dairy farm.
Growing demands of organic foods, we focus on organic dairy production at cow farm Nepal. To promote modern cow farming technology in Nepal we organize cow farming training and technical knowledge about modern farming for all, Interested can join to know about modern cow farming Nepal. Dairy farm volunteering opportunity gives pleasure in animal husbandry and exchange different experience of people among the different country. Volunteer participate to keeping, feeding, caring, milking, making grass and cleaning habitat of animals etc. In our dairy farm there are not only cows but also buffaloes too both live close together volunteers get both animals care volunteer opportunity at the same time.
We arrange food accommodation and working opportunity at cow farm for national and international volunteers. Volunteer in cow farm with a dairy farmers family in Nepal, there are some cows and buffaloes in our farm we provide an opportunity for volunteers to know about traditional and modern dairy production in Nepal. volunteers does not only works with animals, but also working in house grass farm and garden that gives good experience with working, spare time and having fun. Organic dairy farm Nepal looking for the volunteers to help us as a animal care volunteer, cow farm volunteer or dairy farm volunteer at  farm as well as the culture and ideas exchange in organic farms. Farm always welcomes all interested to participate in dairy farming volunteer programs in Nepal, if you interested to volunteer in cow farm and need more information do not hesitate to contact us.