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Sustainable agro tourism in Nepal is an Agricultural tourism opportunities in agricultural Himalayan nation Nepal, first time organic farm Nepal introduce agricultural tourism in Nepal. Rural development, improve the health and economics Agricultural tourism - Sustainable agro tourism in Nepalcondition of villagers is our main goal, being the responsible farmers group of developing nation Nepal we invite travelers from around the world to contribute your agricultural skill in community as well as learn local traditional organic farming techniques. We use modern agricultural equipment’s only and follow the natural agricultural activities to grow the tasty healthy organic agricultural products.
During your agricultural travel and tourism period travelers get an opportunity to explore farm, peak seasonal fruits and vegetables by their own hand and enjoy the grass feed meat of birds and animals on choice. We have 50 different organic farms in Nepal in same location all farm open year round any time travelers can visit organic farm Nepal. Agricultural tourism shows the fact of agriculture that we practice in Nepal sustainable farming plays the vital role to preserve environment. Agriculture tourism helps to promote local agricultural product in the world. Organic agriculture practices the fusion of traditional and modern farming technology in Himalayan nations. Travelers familiar with organic agriculture business and its importance after complete the agricultural travel in Nepal.
Agri tourism is the combination of tourism and agriculture it is fastest growing segment of travel industry that offers visit agricultural industries, working in farms, buy organic products, enjoy healthy and nutritious fruits, entertainment with local culture, education, relaxation, outdoor adventures, picking fruit, feeding animals etc. We offer plantation, harvesting and caring opportunity on farm for all plants, domesticated animals and birds that grown in natural environment. if you interested for Agriculture tourism in Nepal then our agricultural tours, farming tours and volunteer in organic farm, volunteer with animals are suitable for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for agriculture jobs and careers in agriculture Nepal.

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