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Organic vegetables
Organic vegetables growing local farmers for long time but they still have no idea about the health benefit of organic vegetable farming in Nepal. Villagers growing organic vegetable seeds, plants by their own most of them grow natural vegetables for their home use only not for commercial use. Organic farmers are growing a wide variety of non-genetically modified vegetables in Nepal.
Now a day’s only few farmers’ practice commercial vegetable farming in Nepal using the modern equipment and techniques. Farmers never use chemical and pesticides in organic vegetable farm, following sustainable methods such as rotating crops to build soil fertility naturally raise animals and birds helps to promote biodiversity. We raise cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, pumpkin, tomato, potato, radish, carrot, asparagus, bitter gourd, chayote etc organically. if you would like to peaking organic vegetables you are welcome in farm enjoy agricultural farm tour or work at an farm as a organic farm volunteer to know the organic vegetable farming.
On the contest of Nepal organic farming is a survival tactics for the rural community. Organic vegetables are tasty and healthy, benefits organic vegetables are various; we provide vegetable gardening ideas for beginners of vegetable farming in Nepal. If you interested to buy fresh vegetables, seed, plants fell free to contact us.

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