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Know the Buffalo meat nutrition facts, health benefits and recipes

One of the greatest substitutes for beef is buffalo meat. You can say this meat is better than beef, pork, turkey, chicken and some fish in many nutritional ways. Many say that buffalo or bison meat tastes similar to beef. So, you can readily substitute beef recipes with meat. There are hundreds of very easy recipes which can be made with this meat.
Nutritional value of buffalo meat
Calories: A quarter pound of this meat contains about 146 calories. If you compare with other meats you will find beef contains 217 calories; pork has 265 calories while skinless chicken has 165 calories, and turkey contains 149 calories. You can readily tell that buffalo meat is the lowest calorie meat.
Fat: Typically this meat contains about 7.21 grams of fat and 55 milligrams of cholesterol. In comparison to beef, it contains 65 milligrams of cholesterol and 10 grams of fat.
Protein: You might think that it contains low fat, calories so the nutritional value might be low. But you are completely wrong. It has 20.23 grams of protein content, which is higher than another type of meat. Pork and chicken contain 17.99 and 17.46 grams while beef contains 20 grams of protein. So it is very nutritious to have buff meat daily.
How to cook buffalo meat?
Cooking buffalo meat is very similar to cooking beef. Since it contains low fat, so it takes less time to cook than other red meats. Slow cooking with low temperature will give you the best flavor of this meat. You can replace the beef recipes with buff. For better taste you can defrost the meat for better taste. Organic farm Nepal raises and collects buffalo and distributes its meat as per the demand. If you need fresh, grass feed buffalo meat write us.