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Lokta paper – Nepali Handmade Paper
Lokta paper – The Revolution of Handmade Paper in 21st Century, after exploiting paper for centuries, mankind realizes the important role it played in passing down knowledge and information the very existence of human race on this planet, from generations to generations. It not only helped us preserve our culture but aided in human evolution. Even today when the entire world is bombarding with digital gadgets for almost everything, paper still manages to be an integral part of our day-to-day life. Over the past decade, digital technology has crossed every bar of development and curbed the entire human race under its clutches. This of course helped to save the handful of forests present today, from getting exploited in order to make paper. But use of paper in a fair ratio is still there. Handmade paper in such scenario has proved to be a boon in the preservation of forests and eventually the human race. A fine example of handmade paper is Lokta paper which is native to Nepal. The finest quality of which grows at 6000 to 10000 feet high altitude above the sea level in the Himalayan forest.
Handmade Nepali Lokta paper is exclusive because of its many distinctive features. Firstly even after being a forest product, it is non-wood and it is harvested from national parks, reserves and other protected areas. Due to its unique feature, this plant grows up to its full length within 4-5 years. This harvesting is very much needed for the continuous growth of the forest because if it is allowed to grow more than its maturity year, it will dry up and would prevent the growth of any new plant. Hence the harvesting of Lokta actually preserves the forest ecology.  Also the Handmade paper production by Lokta plant acts as a source of revenue to vast number of villagers in Nepal who are dependent on this forest industry. Not only this, these papers are very durable and long lasting. It easily gets folded without getting any corrugation or crinkle and it is very strong too. One additional feature is that, it is completely insect resistant and is free from all sorts of germs.
As far as its uses are concerned, Lokta paper has been spread worldwide. Traditionally it was only used by the government officials for government documents and to write down some holy texts. But today it is everywhere. From restaurant menus, Paper crafts prayer flags, wallpapers, wrapping papers to the packaging of medicine and spices and even in making dresses, it is being used everywhere. Lokta paper has taken handmade paper to a whole new level of class and quality. It is definitely the bright future of the paper industry and also a sense of relieve for those who detest digital world. Organic farm Nepal produces different variety of Lokta, handmade papers, if you interested to buy Handmade Lokta Paper from Nepal fell free to contact us.