Organic milk

Organic milk health benefits – Grass fed milk nutrition facts

Feeding practices of cows in still unknown to many, Most of the times, cows are kept in an unhealthy environment with worst hygiene condition, small space to live, with poor sunlight and water. Many times they are charged with antibiotics to increase the milk production. The feeds used may contain many fertilizers or harmful heavy metals which improve milk production.
On the contrary, grass fed cows are really different. They have free access to green pasture. A balanced diet is maintained all throughout the year. There is suffered light and water in the firm with good hygiene facilities. When the cow is healthy, the milk given by them is also better than the commercially raised cows.
What are the benefits of having organic milk?
Organic milk products may cost you higher than the conventional milk products, but the advantages are worth of the money.
Loads of omega3: omega3 is not produced by the body by its own. Your body depends on the external sources of the supply of omega3. Omega3 helps in growth and protection of your body from various diseases. Heart disease, skin disease and arthritis can be reduced through regular intake omega3. Organic milk and its by-products have loads of omega3 in it.
More Linoleic Acid: it increases the rate of metabolism in your body, grows your muscle and makes antibodies against various diseases. It is also said that this compound reduces abdominal fat.
No chemical intake: it is already said that conventional forms use chemicals in feeds and injections to increase the milk production. These chemicals are present in that milk and its by-products. There are many after effects if you consume this milk for a long time. Organic milk is free from all these.
Organic milk can boost metabolism, improve the immune system, provide antioxidant, help in muscle growth, protect against cancer and heart disease and also dissolves abdominal fat. You will not get all these benefits in conventional milk. Milk is always the best source of energy and breakfast is incomplete without it. So, switch to organic milk and live a healthy life. Organic farm Nepal grow organic, grass feed milk in natural environment and make organic cheese butter and other dairy products in Nepal.