Organic soybeans

Organic Soybeans Nutrition Facts  and Health Benefits

Soybeans, also known as Soya Beans is one among the widely consumed foods the world over. Soybeans are a type of legume. Soybeans have a lot of health benefits. It enables one to gain weight and be healthy. Soybeans improve the body metabolism. Organic soybeans provides relief to women during the time of menopause, improves digestive as well as bone health, reduces the risk of cancer as well as diabetes, protects babies from birth defects and increases blood circulation. The soy-food products are very popular all over the world, soybeans is a potential source of proteins. Soy food is available in wide variety.
Soybeans contain a host of nutrients including vitamins, proteins, dietary fiber and various organic compounds. Among vitamins, soybeans contain vitamin B6, vitamin K, foliate, riboflavin, thiamin and vitamin C. The minerals in Soybeans include iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium. The various antioxidants and organic compounds also make Soybeans a healthy food. Organic Soybeans are a rich source of proteins. Proteins facilitate repair, replacement and re-growth of cells. Proteins are used as building blocks for blood vessels and the cells. Proteins boost up the metabolic functions of body.
Soybeans and all soy-food products facilitate weight gain as well as weight loss. By way of suppressing the appetite, soybeans prevent overeating thereby preventing obesity. Soybeans also help to gain weight by providing proteins and dietary fiber. However, soybeans do not help to gain unhealthy weight. The antioxidants present in soybeans prevent various types of cancer. The antioxidants identify the free radicals and neutralize them. The high fiber content in soybeans reduces the risk of colorectal as well as colon cancer. The unsaturated fat in soybeans helps to reduce the cholesterol level. This will prevent atherosclerosis thereby reducing the risks of strokes and heart attacks. The linolenic acids in Soybeans help to maintain normal blood pressure. The vitamins and various minerals present in soybeans ensure perfect bone health. These minerals facilitate growth of new bones and prevent problems such as osteoporosis that occurs as a result of aging. Organic farm Nepal grows Organic Soybeans in Nepal, if you interested to buy natural Organic soybeans fell free to contact us.