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Peppermint oil uses and Health Benefits

Peppermint oil that distilled herbal oil which is obtained from peppermint, a hybrid plant, that’s created by blending spearmint and water mint.  The process of making this essential oil goes through some certain steps-the leaves that are partly dried go through a steam distillation and then the oil gets extracted. Generally peppermint oil is used to add fragrance or flavor to different kinds of foods, cosmetics, toothpastes, mouthwashes. It also gives a very effective approach to the medicinal field.
The Benefits of peppermint oil are various; according to the medical researchers, peppermint does wonder in healing up the irritable bowel syndrome that includes bloating, pain, gas and diarrhea mainly. Even the doctors claim that there are some certain components in this oil which makes it to get enlisted in the first line treatment list to deal with the irritable bowel syndromes. several skin problems as irritation, itching, acne or redness almost all are curable by the use of  peppermint since, it not only fights with these skin problems but also leaves a very glossy and calming effect to it.
For migraine and headache; people who suffer from tremendous headache and migraine can get a lot of benefits by the herbal oil. Even a mild massage with this essential oil upon your forehead can reduce your stress and headache that is caused by tension. Cold and flu- menthol the central component of peppermint oil is widely accredited with its capacity to cure cold and flu. It’s quite difficult to get the authentic peppermint oil, Organic farm Nepal produce natural oil it is used as an essential oils also, basically to massage the body or aroma therapy, make perfume etc if you interested to buy organic peppermint oil fell free to contact us.