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Sheep meat nutrition facts – Lamb and mutton health benefits

Grass feed sheep meat nutrition facts and health benefits are many then other meats verities. Here are some of the health benefits of lamb and mutton! You daily have breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, have you ever thought, what are the health benefits of the food you are eating? No, right? That is entirely reasonable. Learn more about the health benefits of the food you are eating. This article presents you some of the health facts of lamb.
What is lamb?
Now, what is lamb? It is the meat that comes from young sheep which is less than a year old. This meat is available in variety of cuts as you can have either the rack or the shoulder or breast, etc. some stores sell it ground which is used insider burgers, sauces, and meatloaf.
A few health benefits

  • An excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Provides about 45% percent of the daily requirement of zinc for the body. This zinc can be absorbed by the body more efficiently than any other sources.
  • This meat is considered to be one of an ideal source of iron for men and women.
  • This is also a great source of vitamin B.
  • The fat found in lamb meats is unsaturated which is good for the health.

What is mutton?
The meat that comes from the goat is called mutton. There are a number of health benefits of this meat. It is considered to be an excellent source of protein. But, on the downside, mutton is known to raise the cholesterol level and also the blood pressure. But, other than this there are some health benefits also. These are listed as follows:
Health benefits

  • Reduces the risk of inflammation of blood vessels, In the case of some coronary heart diseases, goat meat is recommended. But taking it in large amount can be harmful as well.
  • CLA present in mutton is a type of cancer preventing fatty acid.
  • Vitamin B presents in meat helps to burn away the body fat.
  • Chlorine and selenium contribute to reducing the risk of cancer.
  • It reduces the risk of anemia, increases the hemoglobin count and thus, is very beneficial for pregnant women.
  • Due to the presence of B12 in the meat, you get to keep away from depression and stress.
  • The high content of calcium thus, it is good for the bones.

Thus, with the above-mentioned health facts, you can very well understand how beneficial lamb and mutton for your health are. Organic farm Nepal raises sheep distributes its meat as per the demand. If you need grass feed sheep meat write us. See Lamb and mutton recipes before cooking sheep meat. Sustainable farm Nepal produce fresh grass feed meat for sale.