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Crops Nepal – Variety of crops grown in Nepal

The economy of Nepal is primarily based on agriculture. There are many crops of Nepal which are exported. Just a few years back, almost 80% of the population of Nepal was indulged with agriculture. Thus, you can say that Nepal is an agro-based country. The main production includes crop, vegetable and fruits. There is many cottage and small scale industry, whose production is directly related to agriculture.
What are the different types of crops grown in Nepal?
You can divide the agricultural production into three categories like food crops, cash crops, and mixed crops.
Food crops Nepal: the food crops produced by Nepal is consumed as well as exported. The main food crop includes rice, maize, wheat, millet etc. It is mainly grown in the plain areas of Nepal, on the river banks. Rice and wheat crops need both hot and wetland for cultivation. While crops like Maize and Millet are generally grown in the dry lands of hilly areas.
Cash crops Nepal: it is mainly grown to earn money /cash. They include jute, sugarcane, tea, tobacco, coffee and others. Jute cultivation is done in plain lands, where there is enough water. While on the hill, a huge amount of tea cultivation is done. Coffee is cultivated as well as exported from Nepal.
Mixed crops Nepal: it referrers to the cultivation where different types of crops are sown at a time, in the same field. For example along with maize, soybeans, beans or another type of similar plant can be cultivated. Similarly in paddy fields, Lentil can be planted. There are many combinations of mixed cropping.
Other types of farming
Animal husbandry is very much interlinked with farming. Cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and much more can be raised along with agriculture in Nepal. There are also many farm lands which have fishes.
Since Nepal is purely a mountain country, Horticulture is very popular. Mangoes, litchi, papaya, cucumber, pumpkins, orange, lemons, pineapples are grown in the hilly areas of Nepal. Many farmers also grow various types of nuts. Since the country is covered with mountains and plateaus, there are very small cultivable lands. But with the use of technology and modern methods of farming, these obstructions are removed. Organic farm Nepal practice organic farming and grow different types of crops in Nepal, if you are searching organic seed of different crops Nepal to write us; we are happy to supply which is available with us.