Duck meat

What are the Duck meat health benefits, nutrition facts and duck recipes?

One of the best flavored meats is a duck. It is very juicy and it also has various nutritional benefits. The addition of duck meat in an everyday meal can give you an extra amount of energy. But you must consume duck meat in a restricted quantity.
Nutritional facts of duck meat
Proteins: skinless 3.5 ounces of duck meat can give you 140 calories. If you consume it with skin, you will get about 202 calories. It is strange that duck legs have more calories than the breast.
Fats: a duck leg contains 6 gram while skinless breast contains only 3 gram of fat. Duck breast with skin supplies 11 grams of fat. In comparison to it, turkey has low fat content. 143 milligrams of cholesterol is present in duck breast, and 105 milligrams in legs.
Protein: duck meat provides complete protein, which includes all the amino acids which you need in your diet. Skinless 3.5 ounce of meat contains about 18 grams of protein. There are a lot of health benefits of consuming complete protein.
Zinc and selenium: ducks meat also contributes to the mineral intake. Both these metals help to regulate your body metabolism and various hormone productions.
How to prepare?
As duck meat is rich in fat, so do not add, oil, butter, cheese while cooking this meat. Try to have the skinless meat. You must cook the meat thoroughly. If you are cooking the meat with skin, then score the skin and sauté the skin side, on low heat, to melt the fat. Duck meat is popular between many meat consumers from around the world. Organic farm Nepal raises ducks free range basic and distributes its meat as per the demand. If you need fresh, free raised ducks meat write us.