Duck egg

Duck egg benefits, nutrition facts and duck egg recipes

Boost the Immune System of Your Body by Eating Healthy Duck Eggs. The shell of duck eggs is thicker, and they can stay fresh for longer time. Duck eggs are used in the preparation of fluffy pastries and cakes as it is rich in albumen. It is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and these eggs are also larger than the chicken eggs. These eggs are high in their calories as well as nutritional value compared to the chicken eggs. Individuals who are susceptible to dietary cholesterol must avoid eating these eggs, as they are high in cholesterol.
Nutritional facts of Duck Eggs
The primary macro nutrients the duck egg comprises of include mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats. The immune system of the body can be improved by consuming duck eggs as it contains about 9g of protein in it and it is helpful for maintaining good health of the skin also. You can intake considerable amounts of vitamins like B12 and A by including these eggs in your diet. The functioning of the blood cell is promoted by eating these eggs that are rich in vitamins and that even keep the nerves healthy.
The nutritional value of the duck eggs is very high as it consists of essential minerals like iron and selenium in it. The thyroid hormone functions very well as the selenium content present in it supports healthy functioning of the immune system. It is best to consume these eggs in moderation as they have high cholesterol content in it.
Why Duck Eggs are a Healthy ?
The duck egg is a healthy alternative for breakfast in the morning for most people in East Asian countries. The duck eggs can be boiled, poached or scrambled to be used for breakfast. A simple and tasty dish can be prepared using these eggs along with wild mushrooms, tarragon dressing, and crispy shallots and on a slow flame. The other recipes that can be prepared using the duck eggs are fried duck eggs with asparagus and smoked bacon hash with a fried duck egg. The taste of the duck eggs is more intense than chicken eggs, and they are tastier to eat and are easily obtainable in supermarkets. Organic farm Nepal practice duck farming and grow pasture, free raised duck eggs if you interested to buy contact us.