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Organic eggs – Free range pastured eggs cage free

Pasture raised hens produce organic eggs really delicious and source of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Health benefits of eating cage free organic egg are to minimize the risk of exposure to antibiotics and pesticides. Before order free range pastured eggs, cage free you have to know What is an organic egg?, What are free range eggs? and its benefits.
Organic eggs price obviously expensive but provides double nutritional value than other eggs. Organic farm Nepal produces natural eggs of ostrich, emu, hen, guinea, duck, turkey and all birds are grown in natural environment.
Pasture organic eggs production process is fed organic feed. Pasture raised eggs containing vitamin, protein and mineral needed by humans. Visit our poultry farms to know the organic poultry farming techniques, if you interested to buy organic egg online fell free to contact us.

Ostrich egg

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