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Ground apple farming Nepal – Yacon farming Nepal

There are many people who have not heard of ground apple yet. Ground apple farming or yacon is typically a sweet tasting tuberous root with high nutrition value. Now days it started to cultivate in Nepal also. There are lot of health benefits of consuming Yacon.
Health benefits of ground apple
Controls blood sugar: yacon is generally sweet in taste. Researchers found out that, when you consume this, blood sugar doesn’t increase. The yacon syrup can help you reduce the blood sugar level.
Reduce weight: you will find the term diet potato, with the name of yacon fruit. It can initiate weight loss, for those who are overweight. It has very low calorie. It contains a compound which will help one to feel full, for a long period of time.
A good substitute for the diabetic patient: a diabetic patient, have restrictions on a huge range of edibles. You can use it as a substitute for sugar. You can also prepare a huge variety of dishes with Yacon.
Cure Fatty liver: fatty liver is a common thing. Junk food, instant food, all contributes to fatty liver. Yacon can prevent cholesterol accumulation, and improve metabolism of your body.
Rich in anti-oxidant: anti-oxidants can prevent many diseases and boost up your immune system. It also makes your skin radiant.
Anti-fungal: Yacon leaf has many anti-fungal properties. It is used as an herbal medicine by South America for a long period of time.
Prevent cancer: researchers found that a unique fungus grows on the roots and leaves of yacon plant. This fungus has anti-cancer properties.
How to consume ground apple?
It is crunchy and sweet. So you can just peel the skin, slice it and consume it raw. You can also add it to the salad platter. You can also add it to the fruit salad as a substitution of apple. You can also add this in cheese salad. There are many dishes where it is used for garnishing. It also goes quite good as a substitution of potato. Sprinkling little lemon juice over raw yacon prevents it from discoloration. Organic farm Nepal growing ground apple in Nepal or practice organic Yacon farming, if you would like to buy and take a test of fresh ground apple write us.