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Volunteer in fruits farm – Sustainable agriculture internships

Fruit farm volunteer program is an opportunity to volunteer on an organic farm in Nepal. There are verities of fruits grown in orchards like orange, guava, banana, pear, avocado, lemon, gooseberry religious plants like Rudraksha, Buddha chitta and different medicinal plants as well. Farm work, fencing, construction, planting, harvesting, mulching, fertilizing, gardening, packaging, helping neighboring farms are the main activities that volunteers get involve in Eco village to make positive different.
Organic farm Nepal welcome individuals, students, group, seniors and families to contribute time, energy, knowledge and experience to Volunteer in an Organic and herbal farm Nepal. Helping local farmers doing farm works and living rural family is a wonderful way to learn about their culture, lifestyle and sustainable farming without being an intrusive vacationer. Fruits farm volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with various seasonal jobs related to the organic production of fruits. It is Great chance to immerse you in rustic natural beauty and peaceful countryside, joining in their daily life activities and established good relation.
Volunteer in fruits farm opportunities for getting your hands dirty and learning organic food production. Sustainable permaculture farm is community base ecological center aiming to be of service to the surrounding community with organic farming activities stay with local people and gain practical experience. Do you want to experience volunteer work on organic farming abroad? Participate in day to day work at farm with locals, where your passion about farming this project is the best option. It is a great time for international volunteer to experience the Nepalese people and culture while tasting new things and experiencing life abroad. It doesn’t matters you are experience or never work before at organic farm we are here to do provide you an opportunity on organic farm. If you interested for volunteer in fruits farm to help local farmers write us.