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Volunteer in vegetables farm Nepal

Volunteer work at vegetables farm Nepal is to learn and share your knowledge and effort between Nepali farmers. Your contribution towards community helps to grow organic vegetables in natural environment at mountain regions of Nepal. During the volunteer in vegetables farm one can get involve in land preparation, seeding, plantation, Harvesting, weeding, irrigation, green and compost fertilizer distribution on field and farm related construction works. Volunteers learn and share the ideas, organic farming process, crop rotation and pest control, compost and sustainable use of resources to protect the production capacity of soil and nature for generations.
Working with friendly Nepali farmers and farm staff at community base farm; volunteers build very good relationship with rural people and get worthwhile experience. Role of volunteer at vegetable farm are various where you can gain knowledge how to grow organic vegetables. We are flexible for working hrs but basic working hrs is six hours a days, five days in a week. We do provide day trips like hiking, village excursion and bird watching free of cost in each weekend. Organic farm Nepal is growing different vegetables for our own use and selling in the markets where you can volunteer work and agriculture internship in Nepal.
Himalaya Organic farm Nepal provides opportunities for internship students, corporate community, groups, family with children and individuals. Experience, non experience volunteers are welcome at farm to promote sustainable agriculture. If you have expertise in organic farming you can teach and provide special workshop course like Preparation, fencing, planting, harvesting to marketing to organic growing community. Effort contribution towards the projects depends on season, and needs of running Himalaya farm project at that time. We’d love to see you at the farm year round for seasonal work. If you interested for Volunteer in vegetables farm Nepal write us. we do provide you worthwhile opportunities in Nepal.