Tiger grass

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Tiger grass, broom grass or Amliso

Tiger grass or Amliso is a broom grass that found in hilly regions of Nepal Binomial name of this plats is Thysanolaena maxima. Amliso is flowering plants its flowers used to make brooms or cleaning tool and grass used for domestic animals. We are amliso product whole seller in this way we collect and help to sell farmers amliso ko Kucho (broom) in national and international market. Tiger Grass is a fast growing plants will grow well in either full sun or part shade.
Amliso is easy for cultivation not necessary much labor and investment that gives the farmer high economic return, Amliso a sustainable livelihood option in Nepal. Amliso introduce as an agricultural product recently that minimize the soil erosion problems stabilize the soil in the hills and mountains region of Nepal.
Organic farm Nepal produces Amliso (Thysanolaena maxima), broom grass uses for cow, buffalo, goat and sheep, the flowers of broom grass used to make brooms or cleaning tools. We inform and instruct about Amliso farming techniques and organize amliso farming training you are always welcome to visit our Amliso farm Nepal. if yo would like to buy pure Tiger grass plants, Amliso Kucho, seeds and brooms online contact us.