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Organic farming Nepal based on sustainable agricultural principles concerning soil fertility, crop rotation, compost and natural pest control. There are verities of animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, coffee are farming organically. Our organic farms are the model organic farms of Nepal established with the slogans of save the environment to save the planet.
Advantages of organic farming are lower growing cost, increase nourishment of the soil, resistance to disease and pest, increased drought tolerance, environment friendly practices. Ecological services derived include soil forming and conditioning, soil stabilization, carbon sequestration, nutrients cycling, waste recycling, predation, pollination and habitats. Organic farming produces without using synthetic chemicals fulfilling the natural needs of plants and the animals with free movement, social behavior, food, water and sunlight.
Advantages of sustainable farming or agro ecosystem practice are plays the vital role both agricultural production and nature conservation. Organic agriculture contributes to justifying the greenhouse effect and global warming through its ability to appropriate carbon in the soil. If you interested to learn about what is organic farming, benefits of organic agriculture and farming techniques fell free to contact us.

Sugarcane farm

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