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Rudraksha beads wholesale – Rudraksha power and benefits

There is a mystic tale behind the formation of Rudraksha beads. The word Rudraksha is formed from the two words: “Rudra” and “Aksha”. It was said that Lord Shiva, once went to deep meditation, for the welfare of the living world. After many ages have passed by, he opened his eyes. He saw pain sufferings and misery of the living beings.
Tears rolled down his eyes and those tear transformed into trees when time pasGenuine Rudraksha beads Nepaled by. Those trees bore blue colored fruit and have the holy Rudraksha seed inside. These beads are used for the healing purpose, both physically and mentally. It is also said that Rudraksha protects against evil spirits and blesses you with peace and prosperity.
How to use Rudraksha?
Know about Rudraksha beads power and benefits, It is very simple to use Rudraksha. It can be worn by men, women and children. Rudraksha beads can be made in the form of bracelet, pendant, armlet, necklace or others. Women also wear it in a form of jewellery. There is no restriction of warning these beads. It will be kept in some hygienic and sacred place. There are different types of Rudraksha available, like 1 faced Rudraksha, 2 faced Rudraksha, till 27 faced Rudraksha.
All of them are used for the same purpose. The line which runs from one end to another determines its faces. The point from where the line originates is known as Brahma, the middle position where the diameter is maximum is known as Vishnu, and the point where the lines meet is known, Shiva. Therefore, a single bead of Rudraksha has the three divine features of Generator, Operator, and Destructor.
Benefits of using Rudraksha
It is said that a person wearing Rudraksha all throughout the life, possess good health and is respected by all irrespective of the look.
Rudraksha is worshiped for good health, good future, prosperity, success, financial gains and irradiation of negative or evil forces. So, when you wear this, you can conquer them all.
You can also take a bath, by keeping 9 Rudrakshas in water. It is equivalent of bathing in holy waters of Ganga.
It is also said that Rudraksha extends the life expectancy period.
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