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Original Rudraksha Mala – A Shield against All Negative Energies

On a usual basis a mala is something made up of some sort of beads which are strung together. Even if you string up flowers together in a thread, it becomes a mala. Such flower mala are generally used in temples to put it around God’s idols, on the picture frame of people who are no more and in Hindu weddings. Everywhere it is considered to be holy, pure and auspicious. But Rudraksha Mala is something of much better properties and importance than flower mala. From the time of the Vedas, Rudraksha Mala has played a very important and integral role in the life of a spiritual seeker. The beads of the mala are actually seeds of a special tree species which grows in the Himalaya region at a certain altitude. But there are very few of them left now as they were exploited to make train sleepers. Though some of them are also available in the Western coast of Indonesia but the best quality ones are only find in the Himalayas Nepal.
These seeds are unique because it got some kind of vibrations which are more in the smaller seeds than in the bigger ones. There are one hundred and eight beads, traditionally along with one extra bead which is known as the ‘bindu’. According to Hindu Mythology, this existence of this bindu is very important. It is believed that if the extra seed is not present then the energy within the mala will become cyclic and could adversely affect the people wearing it. Original Nepali Rudraksha Mala can be worn all the time, even while having a shower. In fact if the cold comes down to your body after flowing over the beads then it is actually very good. But if it comes in contact with chemical soaps or hot water then the beads will eventually crack.
This Rudraksha Mala is very helpful for people who are on constant move. As for example, when people travel, they are usually not comfortable in the new place and eventually spend sleepless nights. The Rudraksha creates some kind of cocoon of your own positive energies around you which keeps you protected from outer variations. It even senses the difference better poisoned and pure water as well as detects the presence of negative substances in your food. It is some kind of shield which protects you from all the negative energies around you.  We grow Rudraksha beads in our farm and make different faces mala and sale different mukhi beads also. If you interested to buy the original Nepali Rudraksha mala, Rudraksha bracelet and Rudraksha beads email us or visit our Rudraksha farm Nepal Himalayas.