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Volunteer in poultry farms Nepal

Poultry farm volunteer program provide an opportunity to work and practice free raised or pasture poultry production process at sustainable farm Nepal. Contribution of valuable time and effort at farm play the great role to grow rural economy and inspire villagers to practice sustainable farming widely. With the aim to protect the local species of poultry birds for future generations; we started free raised poultry farm in Nepal. Improvement of the economic condition of rural women and youth and provide the balanced diet for their kids. Organic farm Nepal distributes chicks and eggs in community to inspire them for sustainable poultry production at village.
As a volunteer, you will be involved in to make sustainable pasture for poultry birds like chickens, turkey, Guinea fowl and ducks. Broiler and local free range poultry production is one of the major components of the Nepalese agricultural livestock sector. Our sustainable poultry antibiotic, pesticide and hormone free, grass-fed, humanely raised, pasture-raised, rotational pasture poultry production farm provide best sustainable farm experience in Himalayan nation.
Production of free range eggs, meat and natural chicks hatching process are another interesting part of poultry farm volunteering and internships. During the volunteering period you can learn Nepali cookery, farm stay, village stay, enjoy local foods gain international cultural exchange experience. Previous farm work experience is helpful, but not compulsory. Anyone with strong work ethic, positive attitude, and a desire to learn can participate.  Let’s get involve in our volunteer in poultry farm program Nepal and eggs and chicks contribution project with us to make positive difference write us for programs space availability.